14 football stars to follow on Twitter during the ’14 Fifa World Cup

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The World cup will undoubtably be a major trend on Twitter in the month to come. Kickoff is a mere two days away, so we’ve compiled a list of the 14 greatest players to follow during the tournament. These are by no means the only players to follow, they just happen to be some of our favourites.

Certainly there are plenty of the footballers on Twitter that you think are worth following so please tell us who should make the list in the comments.

1. Cristiano Ronaldo

@Cristiano. 1,955 tweets. 26.6M followers.

Ronaldo epitomizes the perfect football player and tweeter. Not only is he one of the best in the world, he also keeps his followers up to date. And he’s beautiful.

2. Kevin-Prince Boateng

@KPBofficial. 1 681 tweets. 1.17M followers.

This Ghanaian midfielder is a versatile dribbler and excellent all around player, with a penchant for selfies. He is all about pumping up the Ghana Blackstars, and showing off his sweet profile in the process.

3. Andres Iniesta

@andresiniesta. 8 756 tweets. 8.68M followers.

This renowned Spanish playmaker is indispensable to the game. He tweets on the regular in Spanish, but don’t fret, Twitter will translate it all for you.

Translation: Just finished our first day in Curitiba. Only four days to go until the début!

4. Lionel Messi

@LioMessi. 219 tweets. 1.11M followers.

Undisputedly the greatest in the world, we’re hoping he cleans up his Twitter act a bit for the World Cup. He tweets primarily in Spanish, with the sporadic English shout out.

Translation: Training hard for the next match on April 5 against Betis at Camp Nou

Here’s to hoping he’s trained hard for the World Cup as well!

5. Robin van Persie

@Persie_Official. 350 tweets. 5.11M followers.

This Dutch player loves to tweet sweet soccer snaps. He’s also one of the best finishers on the planet and will be sure to stir things up for the orange team in the weeks to come! Check out this awesome throwback to his early days on the Dutch team.

6. Kolo Touré

@KoloKolotoure28. 28 108 tweets. 177K followers.

The Liverpool player will be repping Ivory Coast along with his legendary brother Yaya Touré in the month to come. Check out his twitter feed for lots of fan retweets and family love.

7. Wayne Rooney

@WayneRooney. 1 426 tweets. 8.8M followers.

The Manchester United striker, and Liverpool native, is an active chap on Twitter. Follow him for updates on the England team, and the occasional clever promotion.

8. Neymar Júnior

@neymarjr. 40.7 K tweets. 10.8M followers.

Neymar is Brazil’s baby, and best chance at winning the Cup. He also happens to be a Twitter champion: engaging with his fans often, and sending them awesome tweets and retweets in both English and Portuguese.

9. Gerard Piqué

@3gerardpique. 1 641 tweets. 8.48M followers.

Another Spanish stud, and absolute gem. Piqué loves to interact not only with his fans, but other players as well. Follow him for a behind the scenes look at what it’s like being an international football superstar.

10. Luis Suarez

@luis16suarez. 4 604 tweets. 4.97M followers.

This Uruguayan player loves to tweet about his team, family, and friends. Despite his high profile status, and football genius, Suarez carries a cool twitter profile, ever humble to his fans. We love it.

11. Didier Drogba

@didierdrogba. 326 tweets. 205K followers.

Drogba’s account doubles as a point for him to unleash his tweets on the world and showcase his awesome foundation. Drogba is also the current captain of the Ivory Coast team, meaning his feed will be full of insider information in the weeks to come.

12. Michael Essien

@MichaelEssien. 434 tweets. 404K followers.

Like many of the others, Essien also uses his account to spread awareness and support for his foundation. In addition to being a superb footballer, this Nigerian player is an African Union Peace Ambassador. Football for good, we like it!

13. Gareth Bale

@GarethBale11. 412 tweets. 3.47M followers.

This cheeky player from Wales is quite the good humored tweeter. He regularly gives shout outs to fans while appeasing them with lots of soccer snaps.

14. Peter Odemwingie

@OdemwingieP. 1,757 tweets. 214K followers.

Odemwingie is a Nigerian striker that is lighting up Twitter. He interacts, tweets, and retweets on the regular, and we love that. Follow him to get a glimpse of the Nigerian world cup journey.



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