Meet the Galactic Cap: a crowdfunding venture that is all about pleasure


Last year the Bill and Melinda gates foundation challenged inventors everywhere to rethink the condom. The foundation’s theory was that more people would be inclined to engage in safer sex if safer sex was more sensational (pun intended).

In response, Charles Powell, a California native, proposed the Galactic Cap: A condom that encases just the tip of the penis. Unfortunately, Powell did not procure the funding he wanted from the Gates foundation, so naturally he is turning to the internet to launch the project.

Crowdfunding is become synonymous with fund-raising for any venture in the last two years thanks Kickstarter and the many projects that got their head start there. So of course that is how Powell hopes to fund his new pleasure glove.

This past Sunday Powell started an Indigogo campaign asking for USD$100 000 to fund the development of the Galactic Cap. As of this morning, he’s raised a mere US$1 200, but we expect he will reach his goal in no time, if only on the merit of his cleverly crafted prizes.

Best of all is the US$10 000 prize, which buys you and a guest a scrumptious dinner with the inventor and development team at the Beverly Hilton. Followed by a night of love making (if your guest is so inclined), and the chance to sample the galactic cap yourself.


According to Powell, only 5% of men in the world use traditional condoms, leading to an array of problems including the rapid spread of STIs and unwanted pregnancies. Although there is no guarantee that his condom will be as effective in preventing these sexual side-effects, increased uptake of Galactic Cap use may significantly reduce the incidence of both. In any case, the funding from this campaign will help Powell get to the bottom (or tip) of it.

If successful, we would be curious to see what the uptake would be for a product like this.



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