Mark Zuckerberg pours bucket of ice over his head, challenges Bill Gates


All in the name of a good cause, Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg has just poured a bucket of ice over his head.

Zuckerberg was recently challenged by US Governor of New Jersey Chris Christie to indulge in the non-profit ALS Association’s Ice Bucket Challenge. In good spirit, the 30-year-old billionaire then posted a video of himself going all out philanthropic. What a sport.

Zuckerberg has now nominated Microsoft founder Bill Gates, Facebook COO Sheryl Sandberg and Netflix CEO Reed Hastings to do the same.

In its fight against Lou Gehrig’s Disease (or lateral sclerosis), the ALS Association have received an astonishing US$4-million in donations compared to US$1.12-million during the same time period last year. It started raising funds and challenging people in the Ice Bucket Challenge late July, and has chilled the US nation ever since.

Popular names from US politicians to celebreties like Justin Timberlake, Ethel Kennedy have helped the challenge go viral. (US President Barack Obama declined the challenge.)

It’s great seeing organisations like the ALS Association latching a good cause on to their viral challenges. We’re waiting Mr Gates. You’ve got more or less 24 hours.



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