Takealot claims responsibility for death of SA’s shopping trolleys


In a stunt that it’s labelled a public confession, South African ecommerce store Takealot is claiming responsibility for the alleged death of shopping trolleys across the country.

Scattered across Cape Town earlier this week, the so-called RIP Trolley initiative showcased the social problems of out-of-work shopping carts including homeless trolleys and trolley graveyards. According to the company, these sites all represent the aftermath of Takealot’s massive growth.

In run up to South African eCommerce Awards 2014, the company is also introducing the Adopt-a-trolley initiative through its recently acquired, Superbalist online store:


“Today, at Superbalist, we memorialise a piece of retail history so special to all of us — the trolley,” the site reads. “This charitable programme was the brainchild of Takealot, who found it in their hearts to launch the Adopt-a-Trolley campaign — an initiative geared to repurposing homeless trolleys as bespoke pieces of design. Never forget.”

The good-looking designer chair, by Jasper Eagles Original, carries a hefty price tag of R5 000. But remember, it’s for a charitable cause.

Moreover, by downloading the Adopt-a-trolley Facebook app, online shoppers will be rewarded with a R50 shopping voucher to spend at Takealot.

Memeburn has not yet received full confirmation from relevant authorities regarding Takealot’s claim about the alleged death of shopping trolleys in South Africa.



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