This Humans Of New York troll is the best parody yet [video]


Actor Tyler Fischer recently trolled Brandon Stanton of Humans of New York and it is hilarious.

Brendon Stanton, the man behind the Humans of New York, has started a cult. And true to cult culture, he is getting followers from the normal to the really weird. The blog’s Facebook page has over 9 million followers and on Instagram, it has 1.5 million. Many cities like Sydney, Khartoum, Cape Town, Amsterdam and so on, are now emulating the blog and telling their own narratives, but there are also those emulators who are emulating the blog on video.

The recent parody video is both hilarious and creepy. Fischer walked around the New York claiming that he is Brandon Stanton. The reactions to the troll are, to say the least, interesting.

There is apparently a saying amongst New Yorkers that goes “that is such a HONY” moment. It comes as no surprise because Human of New York blog has millions of visitors around the world.

This parody is not in isolation. There have already been online parodies, mainly the Zombies, Assholes and Hummus of New York. The Tyler Fischer video is the first to actually take it to the streets of New York.

The actor trolls the streets and claims that he is Brandon Stanton. People without hesitating share some personal stories whilst Fisher dramatically takes photos of them. The photos are horrible. One is up someone’s nose and another is blurry but somehow he gets away with it most of the time.

In the meantime, the real Brandon Stanton is on a 50-day United Nations sponsored tour, which has seen him visit refugee camps in Jordan, Democratic Republic of Congo. He, however, has watched the prank and wrote on his Facebook page that, “not a bad impression, actually!”

Oh, and here’s a snapshot from Hummus of New York:




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