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Triple your Instagram following with these simple steps [Infographic]

Instagram has come a long way from being the glorified breakfast image board it once was. As a result, it’s now fairly tricky for croissant-loving novices to cultivate their online presence.

Not only is it difficult to garner a reliable following, it’s pretty difficult to juggle between pandering to those who follow you and posting what you enjoy.

“Will my followers enjoy pictures of my lunch everyday?” is probably something that gets pondered by Instagram users often.

While Instagram can be a fruitful way to grow your online brand and social presence, like every network there are a few key points one should always remember.

The infographic below, courtesy of Setupablogtoday.com, takes users of the world’s most scenic social network on an educational ride that, according to the authors, will increase followers threefold.

Some of these tips address hashtagging, filters, geotagging and the date of posting.

Excited? Give the infographic below a good study.


Infographic via Setupablogtoday.com

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