Weekly Round Up #14: Ubuntu mobile, Robot dog, BitPesa investment, Tyme exits and F1


Another week in tech and another podcast from the Burn Media team to round it up. This week was — as always — very exciting, filled with kickable robot dogs, startups raising money, Tesla reporting a loss while building a battery to power homes and the Formula 1 revving up for its 2015 series.

The video of Boston Dynamics testing its latest robotic invention had us gather around, asking “Why would anyone kick a dog?” In the name of science of course! We were all in awe and raised questions about what this dog could possibly mean for the future of robotics.

South African startup Tyme, a company that builds digital banking solutions, got acquired by the major Commonwealth Bank of Australia. Though Tyme offered very little details about the deal it’s still another confidence boost for the South African startup in the finance space.

Furthermore, BitPesa, the Kenyan-based Bitcoin startup, recently secured US$1.1-million (nearly R13-million) in funding.

Tesla, Elon Musk’s company that is currently disrupting the automobile industry electric vehicles, is going to make a battery that will power homes. This exciting news follows Tesla’s bad quarterly results.

Over on Motorburn, we chat about what we can expect from Formula 1 in the near future as it just concluded its testing for the series.

Have a listen and enjoy:



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