Wikimedia South Africa is offering R10k in prizes for aerial content

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Wikimedia South Africa, in collaboration with FPV Fest South Africa, is asking people to contribute aerial video and photographic content to Wiki From Above 2015. The content generated will be donated to Wikimedia Commons for use on Wikipedia. There is over R10 000 worth of prizes to be won. The competition began on 1 March 2015 and runs to 30 April 2015.

The competition does not only accept drone content. In a statement, Wikimedia stresses that any aerial platform can be used to capture a video or photo:

“Pictures and video can be taken from on top of mountains, tall buildings (above 10 floors), aeroplanes, drones, hot-air-balloons, helicopters, or any other type of flying craft”.

Unfortunately the famous pictures and videos taken from passenger windows of commercial passenger aircraft are disqualified.

Participants can enter the competition in three categories: Best Video, Best Photo and Best Use on Wikipedia. Winners will be announced at the SA Drone Festival in May.

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Wikimedia is after a wide variety of aerial content, giving participants plenty of options in what they shoot. This content includes new aerial footage of towns, neighbourhoods and settlements, beaches and parks, monuments, mountains, valleys and natural landmarks and important/notable events.

In its statement Wikimedia explained that “the focus of this project is to increase the quality and quantity of aerial photographs and video media of important public landmarks and scenery in Africa”.

All entries will need to be submitted to Wikimedia Commons under the category tag “WFA 2015”.

Here’s how to enter:

Step 1: Sign up and create a Wikimedia Commons account

Step 2: Upload your files in the required formats. Please read through all the Wikimedia commons requirement for upload.

Step 3: Search for a Wikipedia post about your subject in your image or video. Then submit your image or video.

There are some rules to contend with as well.

Video media must be less than two minutes in length, contain no captions within the video itself.

The good news, if you have existing footage and images, you are allowed to enter for the competition as long they comply with the rules.

Content that will not be allowed into the competition is footage that is deemed reckless.

“Don’t fly in areas known to not allow RC aircraft without permission. i.e. SANParks. When in doubt please ask for permission of the land owner when you fly,” said Wikimedia in a statement, “All submitted images and video content must comply with South African privacy and aeronautical laws and regulations”.

Full competition details here.

Feature image: Grant Lindsay



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