Facebook’s Messenger comes to the web

Messenger on the web

Facebook is developing ways to endear Messenger to its users. Its entry was somewhat forceful, and it received, deservedly so, cold shoulders from most users but over time Messenger has begun to grow inside us all. And now, it is accessible on the web browser too. Today Facebook launched Messenger as a dedicated web interface.

The Messenger site can be accessed by logging in with Facebook details. The site has a white interface with a list of chat contacts on the left, and a clean white chat window in the middle and on the right, details of the person you are chatting to. Above this window there are also call, video and a plus signs to add more people to the chat.

Though it has these features, some of them are not yet functional. Users cannot record and audio messages, cannot make calls, cannot record videos. With time, these will definitely be introduced as not doing so will render the entire Messenger web interface redundant.

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The greatest use for Messenger is that you can go to it and message people and not get an itch to click on a link shared by a friend or flashy picture someone has just posted on your NewsFeed. Messenger locks you in and chatting, with it, is an undisturbed experience. With it coming to the web, users can now chat on the web without the need to log into Facebook.com.

The other feature that has been adapted from the mobile app is the notification settings. On the web, users can turn on desktop notifications and get a tiny pop-up like the one on the mobile app, overlaid on their computer screen.

The question that cannot be ignored is that when will Facebook completely shut down messages on Facebook.com and use Messenger alone. This is a move that makes sense, and also will make Facebook.com less distracting and busy, while giving Messenger exclusivity at the same time.



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