Facebook’s Scrapbook gives parents a new way to archive their kid’s photos


Facebook is rolling out a new feature. The feature, Scrapbook, gives parents a simple and more organise way of uploading photos of their children, allowing an easy way for them to chronicle their lives.

The feature also makes use of Facebook’s options. Parents can have their Scrapbook’s as private albums, or share them with family and other Facebook friends.

The reason to have this feature available, Facebook says, is to give parents who are already sharing and tagging photos of their children a better experience. The new feature allows parents to collect the photos into one place and make them visible to two sets of friends.

“Our team ran a small survey for parents who share pictures of their children on Facebook and found that 65% of them tag their partner in these photos to share them with their partner’s friends. These same parents also told us they want to collect photos of their little ones in a place that will grow with them over the years.” Wrote Dan Barak, Product Manager at Facebook, in a statement.


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Scrapbook can be activated by heading into Facebook’s family and relationships section, click on the invitation to create a scrapbook and setting up a Scrapbook for your child. Only parents can make a Scrapbook and only spouses, who will need to be linked via Facebook’s relationship status section, can add photos or change privacy settings.

”You can only add your partner to your scrapbook if you’re listed as being in a relationship with them on your profile,” the company writes.

This is the one feature about Scrapbook that might cause a few awkward for divorced or separated. Hopefully, Facebook can sort it out and enable users to add people as only mother or father of their child without being forced to add them as partners.

Upon completing the setup, Facebook will collect all tagged photos of both parents that feature the child and collate them into a Scrapbook album. The album also allows parents to tag their kid’s name in pictures posted by friends.

Scrapbook is launching first in the US on the web, iOS, and Android.



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