#Fuelpocalypse: 10 tweets that sum up Nigeria’s crazy fuel crisis

Nigerians are not having fun right now. The current fuel crisis has left many in the country stranded as most domestic flights have been cancelled. The situation is rather ironic, when you consider that Nigeria is one of the largest oil producers in Africa.

The heightened fuel scarcity comes days before the current government exits office, which has caused some speculation as to its response to the issue.

Nigeria is a country riddled with major power issues leaving the bulk of the population to rely on generators to not only power their businesses, but their lives as well. Now, the situation has become quite dire, as mobile operations, banks and most businesses might have to shut down due to the lack of fuel to power generators.

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We hopped over to Twitter to see what Nigerians where saying about the current #fuelpocalypse. There have been prayers, deadpan scenarios and people needing to charge their devices.

See these tweets below:

Image via Naija Diva Express



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