Instagram introduces email digest feature dubbed ‘Highlights’


Some people think emails are dying or even dead. Google revamped its email and introduced Inbox to give email a new life. Now Instagram appears to be gearing up to get into that space. TechCrunch has reported that Instagram has begun sending emails to users with content from the people they follow.

Twitter has long emailed people with all kinds of content, about tweets you missed or about people tweeting about a particular subject. It is the first for Instagram to get into space. Instagram has long, however, been posting on its blogs users whose accounts it finds interesting. Sending users emails is an entirely different approach.

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The mails will be dubbed Highlights and feature a few of the best posts from people you follow. For now, this is the only emails users are getting. The possibilities, annoyance if you want, for more emails are obvious with this kind of feature. For example, one can get emails from people who have hashtagged the same city, event, building, and so on. Hopefully, Instagram does not go to this extreme.

What the photo sharing app is hoping is the opposite of annoyance. It hopes that people will become more engaged with the people they follow. And that they will not miss photos from people they follow and that users do not have to open Instagram and can be enticed about what is going on there right from their inboxes.

Instagram emails

It is not clear how often the emails are being sent or how often they will be sent.

The feature is at a very early stage, and as a result, there are no settings to tweak as yet.



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