7 massive ways mobile has changed brand awareness on social

Back in 2013, Twitter indicated that about 60% of its active users, who are over 200 million, access the platform through a mobile device. Google has also indicated that a huge chunk of its users are on mobile devices. Perhaps this is the reason mobile friendly sites from April 21, 2015 were to start ranking better in Google.

Obviously, every huge and small business is realising how important mobile device users are and the future of web usage will be theirs. Social media use on mobile comes with a lot of benefits. You don’t need diverse types of training to make the most of these benefits for the sake of you business.

Accurate target market reach
Through social media on mobile, it’s possible to reach a specific targeted audience. In the process there will be a direct marketing kind of interaction with different people and customer groups. Essentially, a mobile device belongs to one individual who probably has the device around almost all day. This means customers will always check your brand marketing campaigns and messages in real-time.

Two way effective communication
Since most customers browsing the web via mobile devices are usually attached to their devices, mobile marketing via social media is seen by the end user as very familiar and friendlier. This means establishing a two way conversation is critical to give potential customers and loyal users a chance to engage companies and brands. In the process, very strong relationships are built.

Affordable marketing
In a world where e-learning is making large strides, marketing on mobile, whether via social media or Google is very affordable, if not free considering mobile marketing attracts reduced CPM in contrast with other traditional channels of marketing. Preparation costs of marketing and setup are not high; a business can integrate diverse media channels at the same time to execute mobile marketing campaigns. These channels include social media, radio, TV and print.

Response rate is also high
In contrast with other marketing campaigns such as email marketing, social media on mobile or mobile marketing in its entirety has a higher response rate. As a result, media waste is very low and marketing plans on mobile attract a higher investment return.

Acquiring customer data easier
Through social media on mobile acquiring data on customers and maintaining it is very easy. Big data benefits ensure a business can easily know how customers are behaving, what they want, what they lack, what needs to be done and the kind of messages and solutions they are looking for.

Ease of contacting customer
Social media on mobile ensure consumers and prospects can be contacted wherever they are. While customers might not pore over an equipment website while waiting for the bus or taking lunch, they’ll quickly browse their social media accounts for updates on what is happening. Facebook marketing today incorporates both marketing on news feeds and on the side.
A social media on mobile will easily find a business’ ad on the news feed and decide whether to follow the link to the website or the business’s Facebook page for more engagement, especially if the products in question are fast moving consumer items such as chocolate bars.

Location awareness
Once a social media mobile user has been drawn to a product such as a chocolate bar or a new restaurant, Wi-Fi and GPS in mobile devices will easily detect their location and perhaps advise on the location to the store. Nearby settings in Facebook and Foursquare simply takes you to the nearby place to buy what you want, while Twitter Places is another location awareness tool that integrates with other social media platforms like Foursquare making it easy to tag locations in a post. A business can then offer great quick deals to visitors on mobile devices within the locality.



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