Instagram opens feed to businesses to increase revenues

Instagram has expanded its ad product offering as it looks become a financially viable entity.

The Facebook-owned company announced on its blog that it is making advertising available to businesses of all shapes and sizes.

Instagram’s announcement comes at a time of significant growth at the company. Instagram has expanded the offering to eight countries around the globe, and the social networking site is one of the most popular for brand marketing today.

This system enables businesses to target marketing at their direct user base. This also means that users who want to get in touch with small, medium or large companies on the site. In the next few months, Instagram ads will be available by way of an Instagram Ads API and Facebook ad-buying interfaces.

That makes sense given that Facebook already boasts more that 2 million advertisers. It is natural for Instagram to tap into Facebook’s existing infrastructure in order to manage its new advertising objectives.

Expanding ads to businesses is central to Instagram’s announcement, but it wasn’t the only thing the company announced. It also revealed plans for expanding targeting options. This will help advertisers connect with their audience in the future, based on their information, demographics and information which will be researched.

It’s no surprise that Instagram’s monetisation efforts at Instagram are in full swing. With more than 300-million users, it can lay claim a lot of eyeballs. However Facebook has been trying to monetise for years but now it can make money off of Instagram by 2016.



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