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All posts by Lethabo Mokgatle

Lethabo Mokgatle
I am a screenwriter, and student film producer, and currently interning at MemeBurn.
  • 5 useful but fashionable fitness gadgets for the sporty generation

    Purchasing gifts in this day and age is a scary task. There's no such thing as resorting to socks if all else fails, and roses are great but don't last particularly long. In the technological era, people want gifts with screens and buttons. But don't worry, we're here to help. If you're wondering what to buy a particularly sporty person in your life, there has never been a better time to choose a sporty gadget. With the troves of options available -- from wearables to smartphones that do more than most -- the choices are endless. Read more on Gearburn.

  • Instagram opens feed to businesses to increase revenues

    Instagram has expanded its ad product offering as it looks become a financially viable entity. The Facebook-owned company announced on its blog that it is making advertising available to businesses of all shapes and sizes. Instagram’s announcement comes at a time of significant growth at the company. Instagram has expanded the offering to eight countries around the globe, and the social networking site is one of the most popular for brand marketing today. This system enables businesses to target marketing at their direct user base. This also means that users who want to get in touch with small, medium...

  • Facebook drops $1bn internet satellite plan

    Facebook's plan of building an Internet Satellite connection for parts of the world has fallen. According to a report from The Information, project was dropped amid concerns that the money spent might not be recovered. Facebook planned to use the satellite to provide free and cheap internet connection to the locations in developing countries. While mobile companies like Samsung and Qualcomm teamed up with Facebook supporting the idea of placing global internet satellites, Facebook launched internet.org back in 2013. This service aimed to help support the satellite project. Now that satellites seem to be out of the equation, the project’s goal...

  • Twitter bot corrects users referring to Caitlyn Jenner as ‘He’

    It's been a little over a week since Caitlyn Jenner, formerly known as Bruce Jenner, introduced herself to the world, but people don't seem to be able to get to grips with using the correct pronoun. An automated Twitter feed stared correcting users who mis-identified Caitlyn Jenner as 'he'. So when a twitter user refers to Jenner using the wrong pronoun, the bot automatically corrects the tweet with the reminder of using Jenner's preferred female pronoun. The account was dubbed @she_not_he. The athlete and TV star 'Bruce Jenner' began transitioning to Caitlyn earlier in the year. She's went through breast augmentation...

  • 5 awesome alternative gift ideas for Mother’s Day

    It's that time of the year when we honor our mothers by showering them with gifts and showing them our appreciation for all the things they do for us all year long. It's the least we could do. We know that buying a card and a teddy bear in a teacup is probably the cutest thing you could do for her, but why don't you surprise her with something a little different? Perhaps, something that suits the 21st century lifestyle we all know and love? I'm talking about something with buttons and cool electronic circuit boards. Interested? Good. Read more on Gearburn. var...

  • Stephen Hawking’s daughter slams UK journo for Ed Miliband ‘spectrum’ tweets

    Lucy Hawking, the daughter of acclaimed physicist Stephen Hawking has written an emotional open letter to Sun columnist Katie Hopkins, slamming the way she talks about the disabled. The letter was sparked by a series of tweets in which Hopkins described Labour leader Ed Miliband as looking like someone "on the spectrum". ED STOP LOOKING AT US. You are weird. Look at people not a machine. Try and act off the spectrum #leadersdebate— Katie Hopkins (@KTHopkins) April 2, 2015 Published on The Guardian's website, the letter calls on Hopkins to help end disability discrimination. "I hoped that now no disabled person...

  • Twiplomacy: how the world’s most powerful politicians, diplomats use Twitter

    Twitter has become an immensely powerful political tool. But it's not just presidents and popes using the social network to push their messages across. More than half of the world’s foreign ministers and their institutions are active on Twitter. But are they all using it in the same way? According to the most recent Twiplomacy study by research house Burson Marsteller, governments are putting more effort into their social media communication and are including more visuals and videos in their tweets. Some, such as the @Elysee Palace, are regularly posting six-second Vine videos to summarise state visits or to cheer...

  • Facebook lets you donate to Nepal quake relief efforts, will match every dollar

    As more information emerges from the deadly earthquake which struck Nepal over the weekend, it's becoming apparent that a massive relief effort will be required. While organisations and governments are stepping to the fore, Facebook on Monday announced that it would be making it easier for individuals to donate to the relief efforts. As well as helping users connect with their loved ones in the area, the social network rolled out a button at the top of users' news feeds which allows them to donate to the International Medical Corps (IMC). Facebook also says it will match every...

  • 10 movies that predicted and inspired the future of tech

    Since the days of Jules Verne -- author of Around the World in Eighty Days, and the like -- science fiction has been trying to predict the future, from the cars we drive (or fly) to the food (or pills) we eat. Science fiction has also opened doors to the future, even if we couldn't walk through them just yet. Even so, people in the 20th century expected us present folk to be flying around in jet-packs or travelling on air with the latest flying cars as portrayed on some movies. Read more on Gearburn. var vglnk={key:"cc324b6567a9637aa0ff15bc9564b2a5"};!function(e,a){var t=e.createElement(a);t.type="text/javascript",t.async=!0,t.src="//cdn.viglink.com/api/vglnk.js";var n=e.getElementsByTagName(a);n.parentNode.insertBefore(t,n)}(document,"script");

  • This app tricked 100 000 users into giving away passwords with the promise of free followers

    We all love it when we get new followers on social media. But how far are we willing to go to get those followers? As it turns out, a great many of us are willing to give away highly secretive information. Just ask the people who downloaded an app called InstLike. The app claimed to be able to get you likes and followers on Instagram just by inserting your username and password. More than 100 000 people fell for it. The app asks for your username and password right after downloading it, then it turns you into a willing participant...

  • Get a taste of music history and tour Abbey Road Studios on Google

    This is life changing for the fans that have always fantasized about stepping into one of the most legendary studios in London. Google has created an interactive walk-through inside Abbey Road Studios. The famous studio was used to record some of the best sold record albums of all times, from the Beatles, Pink Floyd and Stevie Wonder. It is also known for composing soundtracks for some of the most historically recognized films, like Star Wars, Harry Potter and Indiana Jones. Since opening in 1931, the studio pushed boundaries when it came to music and sound. The experience is accessible on...

  • Just Drake it: could this awesome new search engine give Google a run for its money?

    Have you ever thought of a search engine that you would rather use than Google? I mean there were a lot of search engines in the 90s that tried to keep up with the trend like; HotBot, AltaVista and AskJeeves. And at present there are plenty of attempts to provide a viable alternative to the world's largest search engine. But let's be honest, when's the last time you actually used DuckDuckGo? But there's a new player that, if nothing else, is immensely entertaining to use. Let Me Drake That For You is a new search engine that will tell you...

  • 10 baby gadgets that every expecting mom needs

    When you're expecting for the first time, it's hard for you to know what you need for when your little one arrives. Every mother wants the best for their new born baby once they arrive, and that's completely natural. Technology might have an obstacle mothers will face as children discover the joys of bright screens to fixate on and buttons to vigorously mash, but before baby does arrive, technology can help your final trimester an absolute joy. Read more on Gearburn. var vglnk={key:"cc324b6567a9637aa0ff15bc9564b2a5"};!function(e,a){var t=e.createElement(a);t.type="text/javascript",t.async=!0,t.src="//cdn.viglink.com/api/vglnk.js";var n=e.getElementsByTagName(a);n.parentNode.insertBefore(t,n)}(document,"script");

  • Standard Bank debuts South Africa’s first Biometric Banking App feature

    Standard bank has launched South Africa's first Biometric mobile banking solution for clients. The new feature enables you to sign into the bank’s app via iPhone or iPad, using Apple’s TouchID technology. Now that there is an upgrade to the app, customers with Touch ID enabled on their smartphones and tablets have an option of using Apple’s fingerprint identity sensor in order to sign in their accounts. According to Standard Bank, the feature is designed to make banking easier and safer for customers. “Our customers’ security is of the utmost importance to us," says Standard Bank mobile banking head...

  • Worried about being cheated on? The mCouple app could put your mind at ease

    Are you scared you're being cheated on? Then this new app might be just what you need. While most people rely on old-fashioned private investigators or sneakily looking at their spouse's phone to determine infidelity, mCouple reckons it's got a much more tech-savvy solution, which allows you to keep track of everything your partner does. The company's built an app designed to keep track of everything your partner does, from text messages to Facebook inbox texts and call history with exact time history on everything that was done on that day. It can also show you the GPS co-ordinates of...