Latest Twitter update makes it easier to follow conversations

Twitter is huge. There is no two ways about it and now in 2015, it has been said that a fifth of internet users will have Twitter. Trending topics have more debate than the UN on World Hunger Day and so now Twitter has improved the way that conversations appear on social network.

“Conversations surrounding a Tweet, particularly if they’ve sparked lots of replies and disparate conversations, can be hard to follow,” said product manager Akarshan Kumar. So how would Twitter sort out the mix of tweeting that resembles a pair of tangled earphones?

Grouping conversations together and highlighting interesting and related conversations around that tweet. This means threads will be compressed into a thumbnails image of the conversation with a few of the latest tweets, to expand the conversation, you simply click on the “View other replies” button in the tweeting-session on your timeline. Look below at the image of the update in action, the blue lines are tweets that are a part of the conversation, showing the tweets within the tweets, laying out the tweetception for users.

Image via Twitter

This update will make it easier for the current 302 million active users on Twitter to keep track with all the movements within the twittershpere, even Tony Hawk had an easy to follow Q&A.



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