On-demand on the rise, further down the retailing rabbit hole we go

As the customer, I want you to kick-back and initiate spectator mode, which is when you step back and watch the chaos in front of you unfold. Clubs, the office, at home, this mode has served me some of the best seats in the house to things only life can supply. Now let’s turn our attention to the corperate fat cats playing a game of truth or dare over who gets to serve you first.

The plot thickens as a Game of Thrones scenario plays out between the delivery companies and the retailers they partner with. South Africa has seen some giants join hands like Hansel and Gretel, the recent merger between Kalahari and Takealot.com and of course who could forget the magical and newborn Wumdrop. If you need an on-demand courier, Wumdrop went from diapers to let’s deliver almost anything to anyone over small distances at the click of a button, literally.

The age of startups is upon us and as I told you, get comfortable and watch what’s about to happen right before your eyes. DHL and Postnet are slipping and it’s you and me who have shot at the throne, take a look a the might Mr Delivery claiming a Monoploly over the food delivery network in South Africa. Look again, OrderIn and Orderfoodonline have now popped up and this is only the beginning. Can’t make it to the gym, Traveling Trainers in Johannesburg literally brings it to your lounge, office or where ever you need it.

It is just a fact, consumers are are hosting their own race, trying to pay and leave as quickly as possible. Bizcommunity reported, “For time-starved South Africans, consumers certainly want to use technology to make their shopping faster, easier and more efficient with 71% of local respondents saying they would like to be able to avoid queueing (standing in line) altogether by having their bank payment automatically charged as they walk out the store.”

So if you are just joining me on this adventure through on-demand delivery then you should know, Uber is doing to transport what Britney Spears did to the music industry, at the start of hear career. Makeovers on Mother’s Day, beard shaves in Movember, now flu vaccines on Friday 22 May 2015 and soon even a delivery-portal from your imagination into the real world by the way Uber is headed. Oh wait, of course there, is blade.

I am not joking.
*ring ring
“Hi Uber, it’s Webvan, we are calling to tell you to slow down and smell the roses.”
As reported by TechCrunch, Uber has whispered sweet nothings about Operator, a system that helps you find anything. This does sound kind of familiar, I feel like someone once said it would be so cool if you could just go onto a site and ask it to find something for you. Oh, right, Google.

Deliveries seem to be connecting people like the U.N. could only hope for, complete strangers teaming up with a common invested interest. Instacart is another prime example of getting communities connected. Recently receiving hundreds of millions and slowly taking over the world, as I documented their future in South Africa, Instacart is gearing up for some impressive corporate cat shenanigans.

Now of course, if you ever do anything every in the history of ever, in this world. You will need legal guidance, I promise you this, just as



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