How modern phone systems could be a boon for researchers and scientists

It’s a fairly obvious conclusion that medical researchers, doctors and scientists need to stay up to date with the latest technologies in order to function properly and effectively. Technology is always changing and advancing, enabling the medical field to work more efficiently and communicate better with colleagues, patients, contacts and clients. Communication is, of course, an essential part of the medical field, as decisions must be made in a timely fashion and the proper information reaching the right people is an important objective of many tasks throughout the course of a regular workday.

However, one area in which many often don’t realize that an update is not only possible, but can also provide many important benefits, is in their phone systems. Business phone systems have come a long way, and many of them now contain advanced features that can not only improve business communication, but also enable you to be more productive and effective in daily tasks.

Today’s modern phone systems are cloud-based, and capable of providing users with a number of diverse and useful functions that expand beyond mere communication. With the ability to select only the features you need, and then add more at a later date should you decide you want even more versatility and functionality, it is definitely a preferred option over older phone systems that can be troublesome, clunky, expensive and unreliable.

Improve efficiency

With IP business phone systems, you can easily reach important colleagues no matter where they might be, which can often be difficult in the medical field as many professionals travel to several different locations or are often not in their office, such as doctors doing the rounds or researchers out in the field. Having to wait to contact someone or wait for a response means critical time can be lost and efficiency suffers, but by being able to speak with a colleague quickly, workflow can be uninterrupted and efficiency improved. Calls can be easily routed to someone’s mobile device so that you can be sure to reach them and discuss important information when you need to, rather than waiting.

The ability to ring someone on all their mobile devices to ensure that they receive your call in a timely fashion, as well as easy access to contacts and documents needed for sharing and collaborating on makes such a phone system an invaluable tool for anyone in the medical profession. Important information can be viewed and relayed with ease, which means team members need not be all together in the same room to work on an important project or discuss a patient.

Additionally, IP business phone systems can be used to send automated calls to patients with reminders about appointments, as well as instructions for using medications and other recorded messages, enabling medical professionals to spend more of their valuable time speaking with patients directly about more important matters.

The benefits of IP business phone systems also extend to scientists and researchers. Research can continue unabated when you are able to contact and speak with supervisors or other members of the research team, as well as those providing funding and other important contacts that play a part in research goals. This is a very important factor, as communication is essential in such a field. Additionally, IP business phone systems provide users with the abilities for conferring with several others no matter where they may be, so long as they have a mobile device.

The automated message features can also be helpful in these fields as well, and being able to send automated messages to preset contact lists can be a great time-saver that improves efficiency and enables more flexibility in other tasks throughout the day. Repetitive tasks can be easily automated so that researchers can have more time to focus on other tasks and important aspects of their work.

Improved reliability

Having a reliable phone system is of course also important, and a cloud-based IP phone system such as can offer excellent reliability, as well as 24/7 troubleshooting should the need arise for it. Additionally, with a maintenance team and customer service team always ready to help, there is little that operations managers at facilities need to worry about in regards to their business phone systems once they are installed.

Best of all, most of the business phone systems are integrated with Google apps, offering increased versatility and functionality for sharing important documents and research, improving project management and organization, and remembering important dates and meetings. Doctors, scientists and researchers will be able to travel and work as though they had a fully functioning office with them, complete with virtual office assistants to handle tasks, and and SMS calls for improved communication.

Many medical offices and facilities, as well as research centers and labs have already made the switch to a better, more powerful and more efficient business phone system. In addition to the many advantages provided by a cloud-based phone system, many facilities have also realized that it enables them to stay competitive in their field. Take the time to do some research on a business phone system, and you’ll quickly see why so many other companies and facilities are making the switch to an IP phone system.



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