Weekly Round Up #28: Comic-Con, Pluto, Windows 10, and Donald Trump’s Twitter gaffe

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This week on BurnCast, Stuart Thomas, Jacques Coetzee, Andy Walker and Graham Van Der Made speak about the long-awaited launch of Windows 10, Comic Con, Pluto and Donald Trump Twitter fail.

The wait for Windows 10 has been long and now it is time for it to come out. Not a moment too soon either, considering that there has not been an update since Windows 8.1, which in itself was not well received.

Over the past year or so, Microsoft has been undergoing massive make over, becoming more and more a consumer operating system. Furthermore it has become cooler. The team discusses the upcoming Windows 10 update and its new browser, Edge.

The team talks about Pluto and the technology that existed then when the mission was launched back in 2006. They reveal what impressive mobile phones they had then which of course compared to today’s smartphones are more like bricks than actual technology devices.

Comic Con has come and gone and it has become clear that it is not longer about comics but nonetheless with the many trailers that were launched on the day, the team looks at them and talk about the casting decisions and the movies they are looking forward to.

Since announcing his decisions to run for presidency, Donald J Trump has been making for all the wrong reasons. First he said Mexicans get to America and rape, commit crimes and then he said the USA should build a wall on its border with Mexico.

The tweet though bad in itself had Nazi soldiers on the picture accompanying it. This is nothing new, Trump is used to controversy and it would appear from the polls that the USA republicans are not bothered by his controversial policies. The team talk about Trump and his tweet.

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