Rich media can enhance business training: here’s how

Media is all around us. It is an active component in learning strategies that has enhanced employee and employer relationships. Whether it’s a film clip, a song, or a podcast from a lecture—it makes no difference. Statistics have proven that media is an excellent tool for enhancing learning. Think of it as a bridge between trainees and the knowledge they need. The use of media encourages individuals to engage in the materials, and it results in a greater retention level. It illustrates the concepts the trainer wants to convey in a new and radical way.

Many corporate training programmes utilise these methods to help their workers learn. Engaging employees with media is far more beneficial to the company than giving them a stack of papers. Most people, even senior executives, do not like reading booklets. Most will just skim through particular sections. However, when corporate management takes time and utilises media to bring subjects down to the employees level; the results are fantastic. Here are some common samples of how media is used to engage others.

Learning new concepts through videos can be effective

Within any company there is a learning curve. Whether it is a new employee or trying to teach a new concept to an employee with tenure, many will not be able to grasp it right away. However, by creating a video presentation that has some vivid graphics, studies show that the brain is more apt to respond. Watching videos allows employees to be able to recall the information 5-9 times faster than just reading about it. Business owners prefer rich media because it increases employee engagement. Some relate it to watching TV or a movie.

We live in a society that is technologically advanced, so companies must change their methods to compensate for ways people learn. Gone are the days of packets and booklets, most of these end up in the trash anyway.

Use handouts with graphics

Employees are overwhelmed with paperwork at times, especially a new hire. Putting a graphic on paper is going to give them a recall rate of 94% over text alone. They may not remember everything that the document talks about, but they will remember some of it simply from the graphics. Make the pictures engaging, thought provoking, and they will remember it. Graphics works efficiently for the customer too. They get a great deal of mail in a week’s time. Make the company flyer stand out by doing something engaging. Make the papers stand out and they will stand out in their minds too.

Change meetings by creating a YouTube video

When there is a long meeting ahead, there should be much preparation to make the session likeable. Since the brain is hardwired to process visual much quicker than text, it is better to put as much of it as possible into video presentations. Sales statistics and other charts can be best explained in colorful graphs and pie charts.

Since 59% of people would prefer to watch the news on YouTube rather than to read it in a newspaper, this generation avoids reading at all costs. Playing a video is outside the box. The brain can process visual graphics 60% faster than that of written information. In fact, 90% of all the information stored in the brain is visuals. If it is information that the team must comprehend, using rich media will achieve this goal.

Regardless of what media that corporate training programs utilize to bring about favorable results does not matter. The goal is to use a method that gets the employees attention and makes learning fun.



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