Google’s Michelle Atagana talks life after journalism, spreading the tech gospel

Long-time Memeburn readers across Africa are probably very familiar with the name Michelle Atagana. And if you didn’t read our former Managing Editor’s content on the site, chances are you bumped into her at a tech conference somewhere around the globe.

Now Head of Communications and Public Affairs at Google South Africa, Atagana recently returned to Burn Media HQ for a visit. While she was here, we sat down with her to talk about life after journalism, what Google’s doing in Africa, and how far the continent still has to go when it comes to fostering women entrepreneurs and developers.

Atagana says that one of the most interesting things about making the switch from journalism to communications is getting to used to being interviewed rather than being the person doing the interviewing.

She also says she’s learned how important it is to “separate the stories journalists write from the people writing the stories.”

The Memeburn alumnus says she’s just as passionate about Africa’s potential in the global tech space as she’s ever been and that one of the best things about her new job is spreading that gospel in a hands-on manner.

“Africans are ridiculously smart, a lot of the time it’s just someone pointing them in the right direction and if I’m going to spend my time travelling around the continent pointing people in the right direction, why not”.

Listen to the full interview below:



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