The Apple of Everything, IoT, and Skye Grove: 5 Memeburn articles you loved this week

So it’s Friday and, chances are you’ve probably spent at least some time today wondering what the hell happened to the last four days. Where did all that time stretching out in front of you on Monday disappear to?

While we can’t really answer that question on an individual-by-individual basis, we can help you out by catching you up with some of the biggest topics of the week.

These are the 5 most popular articles published on Memeburn in the past seven days:

5. Forget contactless, this is how we’ll pay for things in the future

Apple Pay

For decades, it was cash, cards and checks, but the way we pay has evolved massively in recent years. Internet shopping brought the high street into our homes, mobile payments put power in our pockets, and contactless cards make transactions as simple as ‘tap and go’. Read more…

4. You can’t even begin to comprehend how big the Internet of Things is about to become

Machines sparks

The extent to which the Internet of Things (IoT) is about to change our lives in the coming decades is difficult to fathom. For all intents and purposes, houses and offices will become computers. Every device will be connected to every other device and perform a multitude of functions either at your command or according to the settings that you captured on the system. Read more…

3. The Apple of Everything: why Cupertino is winning in the quest for the next big thing

Screen Shot 2015-09-09 at 19.03.54

Few launches from the last few months contained more hype and frenzy than the recent Apple event — which saw the launch of the iPhone 6S and other tech marvels such as the Apple TV and iPad Pro. I was not going to comment but reading the massive amount of analysis, commentary, and the usual trolling on various forums got me thinking. Read more…

2. How Apple TV went from afterthought to exciting in one night

Apple TV

Apple TV has long been regarded by consumers as an afterthought in Apple’s product lineup. While each passing year brought new and much-touted updates to mobile phones, tablets and computing systems within Apple’s offerings, changes to Apple TV have been much less frequent. With the announcement of a new Apple TV on September 9th, it seems the company is finally taking big steps to enhance the appeal and popularity of this television. This is the first new version since 2012, and plenty of features have been added, which make it better than the previous model and open up the potential for future improvements. Read more…

1. What does the Skye Grove plagiarism incident tell us about ethics in social media, journalism?


Memeburn recently broke news that Skye Grove, a prominent member of the South African Instagram community, had been caught out plagiarising other people’s images. Over a number of years Grove, a communications professional, had taken and edited other people’s photos before posting them as her own on Instagram. She went on to sell some of those images, profiting from the deception. The incident raises several interesting questions. Read more…



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