Vibe to our 10 most popular podcasts of 2015

Led by Serial, 2015 marked the revival of podcast. Fair enough, very few podcasts are as captivating as Serial is but we do try. Our own efforts to captivate and lead the next revolution of podcast were quite expansive. Not only did we focus on our Weekly Round Up but we also had Special Podcasts, which included exclusive interviews with some of the leading tech entrepreneurs in tech.

We also offered podcasts for our Thought Leader Friday sessions, where leading tech entrepreneurs come to the Memeburn and our parent company Creative Spark’s headquarters to give talks. Below, to see you through the December time, are some of our best and most popular podcasts. They are great for driving, riding trains, taxis, home, and there is not a situation you cannot listen to them.

1. Weekly Round Up #28: Comic Con, Pluto, Windows 10 philanthropic launch and Donald J Trump

2. Special Podcast #1: Jacques Coetzee chats with Mark Forrester from WooThemes

3. Weekly Round Up #27: Apple Music launch and Uber petition against the city of Cape Town

4. Weekly Round Up #14: Ubuntu mobile, Robot dog, BitPesa investment, Tyme exits and F1

5. Weekly Round Up #19: Trevor Noah twitter fracas, April Fools’, iFix and Mercedes-Benz pick up

6. Special Podcast #9: Ventureburn survey, are startups thriving or struggling?

7. Weekly Round Up #26: E3 Special: Bland or totes amazing?

8. Weekly Round Up #25: Apple WWDC special

9. Weekly Round Up #24: Windows 10, GoPro 4 and StartUps in Kenya

10. Weekly Round Up #22: #AskMmusi, Instacart, Gaming villains and humans crush into self driving cars



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