Android Lollipop adoption hits 32.6 %, Marshmallow at dismal 0.7 %

Google has revealed its Android numbers for the period ending 4 January 2016. The data, collected from the Google Play Store app includes adoption figures for Android’s latest operating system, Marshmallow, and previous versions. Android Lollipop adoption is now present on 32.6 % Android devices, up from 29.5 % in December.

Android Marshmallow on the other hand is performing dismally. The latest Android OS is present in only 0.7 % of Android devices, from 0.5 % last month. Even with its impressive features, users have not taken to Marshmallow in a big way. It is worth noting that Marshmallow debuted on October 2016 and it might see an increase in adoption numbers in the new year as more manufacturers will update their devices.

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The most successful version of Android is version 4.4, KitKat, which is on 36. 1 % adoption, down from 36.6 % in December. The previous versions have all dropped, indicating an increase in the latest Android version perhaps or switch to other operating systems by Android users. Jelly Bean adoption dropped from 26.9 percent to 24.7 percent. Ice Cream Sandwich, unveiled on 19 October 2011, also dropped to 2.7 percent.



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