New online tool claims it can teach you a new language 1.5X faster than Duolingo

So how are your New Year’s Resolutions going? Have you reached the stage where you panic because you have no idea how you’re going achieve them? Well if learning a new language was one of your resolutions, then you might want to have a look at LanguageZen.

The tool, which is still coming out of Beta claims to “adapt to every learner and is scientifically proven to be the fastest way to learn a new language”.

Right now the only language available on LanguageZen is Spanish, although it promises that more languages are coming in the near future.

Within those confines however, it claims to have seen impressive results. “We can teach 86 hours of college level Spanish in only 25 hours and are proven to be 1.5X faster than Duolingo,” a company representative told Memeburn in an email.

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Among the tools used to produce those results are music and subjects relating to your own interests.

On its ability to adapt to year learning style, the LearningZen website says that “If you come in knowing the language we’ll keep up with you. If you learn more slowly, we help you with the specific things that are giving you trouble”.

“The system,” it adds, “gets smarter the more you use it. If you learn something through a song or a special course it will carry over to the rest of the system”.

While the service is still in its very formative stages, it’ll be interesting to monitor its future growth.



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