Chaos on Twitter, Cape Town Station as Metrorail trains delayed [update]

metrorail cape town station train fire

It’s not a good day to travel by train if you’re in Cape Town, as Metrorail — the city’s commuter rail service — has announced delays on all lines of up to an hour.

Earlier today, the company also tweeted that no trains are leaving Cape Town Station — effectively the heart of the city’s commuter rail service — ultimately rendering the service suspended. This didn’t sit well with Twitter.

metrorail april 15 2016 service advisory

Metrorail is currently involved in a workers’ strike, with additional damages stemming from trains set alight at Cape Town and other stations this week.

Regardless of the company’s woes, its commuters on social media — especially those waiting in line for trains that aren’t moving — are more than a little annoyed.

Have a look at some of the tweets below.

Trains were again set alight on the evening of 15 April:

Metrorail’s explanation for today’s service issues:

The resultant angry tweets:

There are also reports of commuters jumping out of trains as well, and this:

And the images of the various stations in disarray:

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Looking for more information?

Be sure to follow the up-to-the-minute Twitter timeline below, or contact @CapeTownTrains for more information. If you’re still left stranded, GoMetro’s commuter-sourced updates may help, as well as

Andy Walker, former editor


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