4 new workplace technology ideas to uplift your team’s efficiency

Most all business owners would likely agree that business efficiency can be traced back to a firm’s ability to successfully execute a given strategy in a productive manner that produces satisfactory results for the organization. Business success is defined by an organization’s ability to be both efficient and productive, both of which are a result of engaged employees that are capable of executing on specific goals that have been strategically aligned with the firm’s objectives.

Since we know that execution is the key to success, then, do we know what steps can be taken in order to increase your team’s efficiency and business productivity, so that plans can be strategically executed and goals achieved? Do we know how to align our team and provide them with the adequate tools that allow them to work at optimal levels maximizing business productivity and resulting in satisfactory execution of goals? Sure we do.

In order to improve the efficiency and productivity of your employees, you must keep them engaged and motivated. Finding creative ways to motivate a team is not always as easy as it may seem. Sure, some employers are able to keep staff motivated with benefits like unlimited PTO, free lunches and company-hosted gatherings; but let’s be realistic here, not all of us prefer to be so conventional. For those who are looking to appeal to the new age workforce, say, the Millennials, consider embracing new technologies in the workplace.

Read on as we share four ways that new technologies can help you to manage your team’s motivation by boosting engagement and creating a more efficient workplace.

Sharing and Collaboration

There are many great tools that exist to help you and your team more efficiently share and collaborate. Some cloud-based examples include Google Drive and Dropbox – both of which are gaining popularity among small and large businesses. These tools will prove helpful in motivating your employees to get the job done because they are highly effective at eliminating common frustrations that exist in the workplace (such as sifting through unorganized files). Both of these tools make it easier for your team to find and share files with other team members, thus boosting efficiency. Not only that, but cloud-based sharing tools such as these will keep track of which team member is working on what, which ultimately encourages collaboration amongst the force. Thanks to the cloud, these tools allow you and your team members to remotely access files, which allows for higher productivity.

Your team having access to actionable insights is key to encouraging communication, efficient application of analytics and overall employee engagement.

Dialpad — a cloud-based office phone system enables you to connect everyone on your team, as well as afford them the allowance to work from anywhere. Mobile screen calling and conference calls are made easy and since Dialpad is fully integrated with Microsoft Office 365, gain further access to team projects and documents.

Asana is another tool that effectively allows you and your team to efficiently share and collaborate. Asana is a cloud-based project management tool that allows you and your team to:

  • Monitor progress on any project;
  • Turn conversations into actionable tasks;
  • Get team updates;
  • Manage deadlines and tasks;
  • Share files;
  • And organize project initiatives and goals.

Monitor Team Member Performance

Every business owner and project manager would like 360-degree performance management capabilities and thanks to Talent management software now we can all have just that. The primary purpose of this tool is to help management gain a broader understanding of employee performance. Being able to have a greater perspective of your employees, means that you are able to do more for them, i.e. boost engagement. Not only does this tool enable ongoing feedback and encourage peer-to-peer feedback, but it also helps us as business owners and project managers to identify the personal strengths and weaknesses of each team member. This gives way for greater competency in terms of our project frameworks, as well as for individual succession and development planning.

Receive and Provide Real-Time Feedback

Some firms do performance reviews on an annual basis and some on a quarterly basis, but feedback should actually be given to your team members on an ongoing basis. Rather than waiting for review season to roll around to share criticism and offer praise, you can now automate your performance review process thanks to HR software. This makes giving and receiving real-time feedback of each team member a walk in the park. This type of instant feedback mechanism is highly effective in improving staff engagement and increasing motivation of team members because you are constantly offering them direction. Not only that, but it also gives your employees the ability to share their feedback and suggestions with you, which adds incredible value and acts as a highly effective motivational tool.

Enable Learning on the Go

Though it is not always the most desirable thought to bring work home with you, it is sometimes necessary and a lot of times can help team members to relieve a stressful burden in the instance they are tight on a deadline. Mobile applications allow team members to gain access to work-related items outside of the office walls. This allows for flexibility and accessibility, which ultimately translates to greater efficiency and higher productivity.

At the end of the day there is no denying the technological revolution that we are currently in. From cloud-based technologies to mobile madness, new technological advancements are changing things in the workplace for the better. When it comes to motivating staff and encouraging efficiency, as well as greater productivity, the tools mentioned above are essential.

Generally speaking, all employees have an inherent desire to feel appreciated for their efforts and hard work. When you are looking to promote efficiency and productivity within your firm, it is essential to use technology to bridge the gaps that exist in communication. Conveying to each and every team member their importance, as well as the value that they add to the team, is key. When you are looking to encourage staff to work to their highest ability, make sure that your business is aligned top-to-bottom. This will ensure that you are creating a workplace that engaging and additionally training a staff that is loyal, productive and efficient.

What new technologies do you use to promote efficiency in the workplace and encourage productivity? Please share! We would love to hear from you.



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