PayPal severs app support for BlackBerry, Amazon Fire & Windows Phone


It’s not uncommon news for BlackBerry, Windows Phone or Amazon users to hear that a company is discontinuing app support for their platforms, but this time, the player is 170-million user strong PayPal.

The company took to its blog to announce that it will no longer support BlackBerry OS, Windows Phone or Amazon Fire by the end of June 2016. This is largely thanks to the new version of its mobile app, which brings new functionality.

“Version 6.0 of the PayPal mobile app has enhanced features and a new look and feel. We have brought features that our customers use most to the forefront such as send and request money, PayPal balance and transaction history,” the company’s VP of global consumer product and engineering Joanna Lambert explains.

So, what does this mean?

Well, if you’re using the BlackBerry PayPal app, it will no longer function after 30 June, however, you’ll be able to use BBM “to send peer-to-peer payments” and users can also access the PayPal mobile portal through their respective web browsers.

The same goes for Windows Phone users, with PayPal noting that “ users can also use the PayPal add-in to send money directly from their inbox.” This stands alongside access through Internet Explorer and Microsoft Edge.

And finally, Amazon Fire users can also access PayPal through their mobile browsers.

“It was a difficult decision to no longer support the PayPal app on these mobile platforms,” Lambert continues, “but we believe it’s the right thing to ensure we are investing our resources in creating the very best experiences for our customers.”



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