5 social tools to help boost brand awareness and audience engagement

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Every brand wants to easily identify and reach their target audiences as quickly as possible. Audience engagement is detrimental to forming a meaningful connections with consumers and emerge as a successful brand.

Here are five new social media tools that will help you, and your business, reach your targeted audience easily and effectively.


Socedo helps users discover the best prospects on social media in real-time.

The service uses real-time social behavior based on user personas in order to find out leads who are about to enter your buying cycle. This activity info is combined with profile data from sources like Twitter and LinkedIn. Data collected is carefully synced with CRM platforms like Salesforce or HubSpot.

With Socedo, you can:

  • Define custom criteria to discover social prospects. The platform constantly discovers new prospects based on their social media activity.
  • Engage with the prospects using automated messaging.
  • Monitor the performance of your campaign with the help of a social lead report.
  • Target prospects via keywords. You can define a keyword strategy for each customer groups and send customized messages based on the keywords the prospects tweets about.

Yik Yak

Yik Yak’s a social network that helps people to discover niche communities. Businesses can use it to target local audiences who are most interested in buying a product or a service. You can easily discover what’s going on with the people in your community, ask them questions, or get creative with fictional peaks.

With Yik Yak, you can:

  • Request to chat with any user anonymously in their local area who posted a yak or a reply using their handle. Yik Yak handles are usernames that ties posts to an account.
  • Use the share feature that allows you to take other people’s Yaks off the network and use them on your other social profiles. This lets you to fill out your content plan and get engagement.
  • Use the Peak function that lets you have a sneaky look as to what people are yakking about in other parts of the world.
  • Target the young audience effectively. Around 98 percent of the app’s audience is millennial and with the ability for users to comment anonymously, this channel is the perfect medium to interact with younger audiences.


CrowdReach is a platform that uses the combined power of email, text, social media and real-time promotions. CrowdReach helps brands send automated yet personalized messages to audiences based on the social channel they’re using.

With CrowdReach, you can:

  • Create, edit, schedule, and send a message via e-mail, text and social media from a centralized web or mobile platform.
  • Create custom graphics that can be used to provide a real-time promotion.
  • Analyze the effectiveness of your campaign with the CrowdReach dashboard that lets you track key metrics including open rates, likes, shares, and other relevant touch points.
  • Create real-time offers to draw in customers, or create engaging content like inspirational quotes or memes.


Social media is gradually shifting towards visual media. Maximum engagement reflects on posts that have a visual flavour like images, videos, memes, and quotes. Brandr is a tool that comes with a free library of ready-to-post stock images, quotes, memes, and the like, and lets you create branded visual social content on the fly.

With Brandr, you can:

  • Post quality content on your social channels constantly. You can make use of 1000s of ready-to-post images designed to drive engagement and increase your brand’s credibility.
  • Post your brand logo with every social share and increase engagement by up to 35%.
  • Track likes, comments & more on every Brandr post.
  • Use Brandr suggested content & hashtags sorted by industry to help your posts stand out in an already crowded social space.
  • Invite trusted team members to help create & share on-brand content.

LinkedIn Sales Navigator

LinkedIn’s Sales Navigator leverages the power of social selling and lets you network with potential prospects and customers. It all starts with cold calling, but transitions into warm conversations. The LinkedIn Sales Navigator provides you with all of the insights for more effective selling and to build trusted relationships with your customer.

With LinkedIn Sales Navigator, you can:

  • Find lead recommendations based on custom preferences.
  • Use the Advanced search option with lead builder to find leads that matters the most for your business.
  • Get 24/7 sales updates on your prospects and customers.
  • Unlock LinkedIn profiles for leads that are not a part of your network.
  • Measure and track your social selling efforts with SSI dashboard.

Successful marketing involves networking, leveraging brand value, building relationships and pushing yourself towards brand enhancement. These five tools described above offer some great features to reach target audiences in the minimal time and effort.

But have we left any out? What is your favourite social tool? Let us know in the comment section below.



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