Facepalm, shrug and selfie emojis could be on their way soon


Brace yourselves, because over 70 new emojis could hit chats across the internet in the coming months.

The Unicode Consortium, the governing body of emojis (a grave simplification), has announced its latest batch of possible emoji candidates for inclusion in Unicode 9.0 — a text-based computing industry standard responsible for the smileys, flowers and penguins we send one another each day.

This will bring all of the selected emojis to platforms including simple web chat, websites, Android, iOS and the like.

So what are some of the potential newcomers?

Luckily, some of the candidates include a lot of food-based subjects, from croissants to an entire “shallow pan” of very tasty-looking rub.

Some rather beg the question of “how on earth was that never thought of before?”, including a “sneezing face”, “Mother Christmas” and the “shrug.”

And finally, some internet stalwarts are also on the list, including “face with one eyebrow raised”, “facepalm” and “selfie.”

The emojis proposed by Google which included both women and men in diverse working environments and attire doesn’t appear on this list, but Unicode has suggested that this is simply a provisional list. The release date of Unicode 9.0 is 21 June 2016.

Nevertheless, if you’re interested in knowing a little bit more about these emojis, head on over to Emojipedia.

Andy Walker, former editor


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