Call to action 101: here’s how to use them on your blog

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Using optimised calls to action in your digital marketing campaign can be a game changer. It can also be used in every blog post that you publish so that your readers can take an action if they find your content interesting. In a perfect campaign, a call to action should be included in everything that you publish and write online, but it’s not always possible to get your readers and audience to act on what you write.

Most online writers and publishers use calls to action on a regular basis. They add them to their emails, website content, and sales letters, but for some obscure reason, many are forgetting to add these to their blog posts. This can cost them dearly with the level of engagement they experience.

Generate engagement from your readers

One major part of blogging is to generate engagement from your readers and this becomes difficult if there are no calls to action on your posts to direct them on what to do next. It’s important that you guide your readers to take an action.

After all, the reason you write and publish blog posts is to get your readers to take an action in some form, shape or way.

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Where should I place my call to action?

From a pure blogging perspective, you can practically place your call to action anywhere in your blog post where it is relevant to your content and where it makes sense. If you are writing about a specific topic and you want your readers to take action, use your call to action prominently in your content. It is also not uncommon to see a couple of calls to action on a blog post (images, links, buttons, etc.), but don’t make it spammy.

You can use your calls to action in the beginning of the post, middle and at the end. I usually try to place one call to action at the very top of a blog post (usually a link) and my other calls to action at the bottom (related blog posts, download button, comment form).

Next time your write a blog post, add a call to action by asking a question in the form of a link or just a simple reminder to your readers that you would like to engage with them. The only thing you should remember by adding calls to action to your posts is that they should always be relevant to the context of the post no matter what shape they may take.

What sort of calls to action can I use?

You can ask your target audience to try a number of different actions on your blog posts. Just like the optimised calls to action you use on your website and other marketing materials, your call to action should be fresh and change from time to time.

Here’s a couple of calls to action you can use in your posts.

  • Comment on your blog post.
  • Like and share your content with their own social circles.
  • Subscribe to your newsletter.
  • Read the next/previous blog posts or similar posts.
  • Complete a specific action (download, link, video, etc).

Are you currently using other forms of call to actions on your blog posts? Let us know how you’re using them in the comments section below.

Anton Koekemoer


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