Pokemon Go gets the Honest Game Trailer it deserves

pokemon go

God, we’re getting sick of Pokemon Go. Granted, it’s a cultural phenomenon that’s sweeping the world, but enough is enough. Surely?

We’re kinda guilty of perpetuating the craze though. Head on over to Gearburn for more on the game’s mechanics and inner workings, and have a look over here for Memeburn’s reaction to the title. But today, we’re featuring something a little more snarky than even our articles.

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The folks over at Smosh Games got hold of Pokemon Go for an honest game trailer, and well, we results are pretty… honest.

Taking its usual sardonic yet starkly informative stance, Smosh highlights just why Pokemon Go is such a manic success, why the world was ultimately given empty promises, and why on earth there’s so much damn grinding in the game. Both literally and figuratively.

But enough from us. Have a look at the honest trailer below.

For more Honest Game Trailers, head on over to Smosh Games’ channel here. And if you’d love to see more of us, subscribe to Memeburn’s YouTube channel.

Andy Walker, former editor


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