The Pretty Cities of Instagram: 9 scenic snaps of Knysna


As much as Instagram’s a great platform for cat pictures and brunches, it’s also rather great for couch travellers. Speaking of which, welcome to our new feature entitled Pretty Cities of Instagram where each week we’ll take a look at some of the best snaps of cities as seen from the lenses of Instagram users across the world.

While most won’t consider Knysna a city, it sure is a beautiful town. Nestled on the southern coast of the Western Cape, more than 50 000 people find their home between the Outeniqua mountains to the north-west and the Indian Ocean to the south-east.

Around this time of the year, the town also plays host to its annual oyster festival, a sea creature that’s found in abundance along its coastline, and is rather tasty.

As a result, the sea plays a major part in the town’s daily (relaxing) life. Image: Paulingpen.

Summer weather in winter #lagoonlife #knysna

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And why wouldn’t it? The waters around Knysna are generally still, especially since the town sits on a lagoon, created by the Knysna river. Image: Priscilla Anne Fick.

Beautiful day in #knysna

A photo posted by Priscilla Anne Fick (@midthirtymisfit) on

It’s position between the sea and mountains also makes for incredible rock formations, especially at the lagoon’s mouth where the Knysna Heads jut out into the ocean. This snap is from the Featherbed Nature Reserve, on the western head. Image: Christine de Lange.

Experience of a lifetime 😊 #knysnaheads #knysna #featherbed #naturereserve #hiking #exploring #ocean #rocks #view

A photo posted by Christine de lange (@christydel94) on

And thanks to its rain-all-year climate, Knysna plays host to some of the lush indigenous forest and largest trees in South Africa, like this yellowwood. Image: Emma Jane.

The aforementioned Oyster Festival, first held in 1983, is now a mainstay in the Western Cape’s tourist attractions hit list. It’s a ten day affair of chugging oysters, enjoying the Western Cape’s wine and, believe it or not, physical activity. Image: Mandy Clark.

And of course, a trip to Knysna wouldn’t be complete if you didn’t spot a loerie — a bird that many will likely hear before catching a gilmpse of its colourful plumage. Image: First Group.

The aforementioned Knysna Heads guarding the entrance to Knysna’s lagoon. Image: Chukwunwike.

Speechless, is how I felt beholding this beauty! #knysna #heads #awesomeCommgetaway

A photo posted by Chukwunwike_David (@victorchike) on

Well, this snap really doesn’t need an introduction. Image: Jason.

Oh what a time to be alive. #knysna #knysnalagoon #photography #sunset

A photo posted by Jason (@wild_yeti) on

And while nature might never be too far away, creature comforts are always pretty close by. Image: Malcolm Schutte.

Captionless #Knysna #wine #boating #isthisvenice

A photo posted by Malcolm Schutte (@malkiemalcs) on

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Feature image: David Siu via Flickr

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