Twitter now shares ad revenue with content creators

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In hopes to compete with YouTube and Instagram, Twitter will now share advertising revenue with those who upload videos to the service. This is part of the company’s Amplify advertising programme.

Before you get excited, this isn’t to say that the company’s now dishing out its earnings to its users, but rather advertising revenue garnered from videos that make an impact. For instance, if you were to upload a video to the company’s platform, 70% of the advertising revenue accrued from said video will be returned to you.

This model is only valid for US citizens for now, but it clearly aims to attract creative users to the platform, much like how Google’s YouTube, Snapchat or Facebook-owned Instagram have accelerated the amateur content creation industry.

Twitter will return creators 70% of the advertising revenue, compared to YouTube’s 55%

According to Reuters, Twitter creators will get around 15% more for their creative efforts when compared to YouTube. Twitter will not require creators to keep content as exclusives either, giving them free reign on the number of additional services they can use.

Interestingly, the advertising programme only applies to videos uploaded to Twitter, and not the company’s video subsidiaries, Periscope and Vine. Vine, arguably, is where the vast majority of creators lie, with some Vine stars grabbing around 250-million loops a month.

Nevertheless, if you happen to boast mad editing skills, or have a particularly photogenic cat you’d like to make money from, this may just be the big break you needed.



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