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Apple App Store prices drop in South Africa

Great news, Apple users. The Cupertino company has announced that App Store pricing will be adjusted for those in South Africa and New Zealand.

Okay, not so great news for New Zealand (prices are actually climbing there), but in South Africa at least, we can look forward to a forthcoming price drop.

Apple explains that the change will happen “within the next 72 hours” and will include apps and in-app purchases. It will not, however, affect subscription prices.

The company claims that the change is thanks to the current favorable foreign exchange rates.

App Store prices will drop for South Africans, but increase for New Zealanders

The App Store is a big money grabber for Apple, with each iPhone user in the US dropping around US$35 last year. iOS also remained the third most-used OS platform in South Africa in February 2016 (at least according to Vodacom), with just over one million users using an Apple device.

Apple hasn’t revealed the value of the price drops just yet.

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