Here’s how to make GIFs on your smartphone


There are quite a few mobile manufacturers offering the ability to make GIFs, but app stores are filled with capable tools for the job as well.

And why not? The moving picture format are supported by practically every social media platform and messaging app, from WhatsApp to Twitter, to Facebook and Telegram.

One of the more capable apps for making GIFs is GIF Maker — GIF Editor for Android, allowing you to make GIFs from a locally stored clip or an online video (such as from YouTube).

Making GIFs on your smartphone is pretty simple, especially with this handy guide

If your friend happens to make a hilarious face for some reason, you can now immortalise his or her embarrassment. Awesome.

The app itself is pretty simple too. You choose a clip, mark the start and finish points of your GIF, and then save the finished product. You can then send your moving picture to friends and family on the social media network of your choice.

In saying so, the advertisements can be annoying and there doesn’t seem to be an in-app purchase to remove them. Anyway, check out the clip below for the full rundown.



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