Publishing power: blasting the tech barrier to innovative ideas and content

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Enterprise organisations still caught in the dark ages of taking days, even weeks to publish simple content changes need to look hard at their digital publishing tools.

In today’s fast-moving digital environment, it’s no longer acceptable for quick fixes, content updates and even major additions to be stuck in development or release bottlenecks. Instead, publishing power is being placed right in the hands of its non-technical creators with an innovative accelerated approach.

Real-time responsiveness, in seconds

The right publishing tools make real-time responsiveness a reality, rather than a catchphrase. Non-technical content creators, like in-house teams and creative agencies, are empowered to design and publish their own content — directly transforming the traditional linear publishing process. In an instant, accelerated digital marketing becomes exactly that.

Instead of relying on the now-out-dated linear route of digital execution which starts with the user experience designer, who then hands over to the visual designer who passes over to a back and front end developer, these stages can be run in parallel.

Enterprise organisations are still caught in the dark ages , taking ages to publish simple content changes

Running everything in tandem, rather than waiting for stage one to be completed and signed off before stage two begins, results in a genuine transformation of the entire digital marketing process. The build is no longer the endgame — it’s the beginning of the story.

Improved customer experiences, right now

Turning brilliant concepts into a reality can be a challenge, especially in a hyper-responsive, customer experience driven landscape. Great customer experiences are not built with technology alone. But if the seven elements of the digital ecosystem align — people, content, technology, channels, data, processes and architecture — organisations are free to create the customer journeys their consumers are demanding.

Reduced operating risks and costs, every day

Historically, the bulk of digital investment has been stacked heavily in the build phase, leaving very little or nothing for improvement and evolution. The accelerated digital approach turns this balance on its head, allowing organisations to speed up their return on investment.

Taking the tech out of publishing and putting it into the hands of content creators results in new sites delivered in a matter days, even hours, using out-of-the-box components. The only redundancy is the army of developers, no longer required to do this work.

It’s usually the day-to-day challenges that block innovation. Great ideas are often shelved because of the technical challenges of delivering them. Adopting an accelerated approach and standardising the publishing building blocks takes weeks of technical revisions out of the equation. The result is unfettered marketing teams and creative agencies, free to focus on the art of possible.

The only question is, are you there yet?



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