20 world airports that utterly hate Samsung’s Galaxy Note 7

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Samsung’s having a right old crappy year. After the promise of its featured-packed Samsung Galaxy Note 7, its hopes to challenge Apple and others has quite literally gone up in smoke.

Global recalls of its flagship phablet has resulted in a damaged brand image, huge financial losses and the possibility of a permanently shelved Note range.

But that’s just the tip of the iceberg.

For the past two months, users of the Samsung Galaxy Note 7, and innocent bystanders in airports across the world, have been tweeting and Instagramming pictures of how airports and carriers are addressing the perceived threat of unstable smartphones.

This — ranging from overactive public service announcements, to hard-hitting counter notices, to more subtle gestures, like random phone checks — is about as bad as it can get for the Korean company.

Ultimately, it seems that the global airport reaction to the smartphone is this: “Go away, Note 7. Nobody wants you here.”

Have a look at their specific reactions from citizen reporters in airports from across the world.

Tallinn, Estonia

Toronto, Canada

Brisbane, Australia

Washington DC, USA

Samsung has seen a loss of over US$1-billion. And that only accounts for the Note 7’s first recall

Sydney, Australia

Gotta feel for #Samsung #galaxy #note7 users. Not allowed to fly with them 😒#airport #sydney

A photo posted by Emine (@eminemehmet8) on

Venice, Italy

Cancun, Mexico

Balikpapan, Indonesia

Seoul, South Korea

New York, USA

😂😂😂 #Note7

A photo posted by Jared (@jshapiro00) on

New Delhi, India

Budapest, Hungary

Plaine Magnien, Mauritius

London, UK

Singapore, Singapore

No #note7 on flight! #samsungnote7

A photo posted by Charis Chan (@charischansihui) on

Amsterdam, The Netherlands

Moscow, Russia

Colombo, Sri Lanka

Karachi, Pakistan

OMG ! No #Samsung #Note7 even if its #ShaheenAir . Hahaha !

A photo posted by UMAIRICA (@umairhmirza) on

Sedati, Indonesia

Andy Walker, former editor


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