Forget Trump: your cat can now own an eco-friendly White House

poopy cat white house cat house

Although we do love technology here at Memeburn, we can’t turn our heads when a clever piece of simple design walks by. Especially if said design is a range of eco-friendly cardboard houses for cats.

Poopy Cat, a pet accessory company based in Amsterdam, began life 2013 and crafts sustainable play houses for our furry friends. And the company’s latest line takes inspiration from a few of the political happenings the world has endured in 2016.

The White House is now available in sustainable cardboard form for your cats

The company first began retailing biodegradable litter boxes, but took to Kickstarter a year later with its modular cat house concept dubbed BLOCKS.

While BLOCKS was successful (raising close to €25 000, its new line consists of five cardboard play houses, each modeled after the world’s iconic landmarks. So while Donald Trump will ultimately inherit the White House, so can your cat. If your cat isn’t American though, or has aspirations to run for presidency in 2021, Poopy Cat also has a cardboard Kremlin, Sphinx, Taj Mahal and Maya Temple.

These designs joined the Eiffel Tower and simple pagoda.

(Poopy) Cats for President! 😸🙌 #VoteNow #PoopyCat #catoffice

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While it’s pretty awesome to imagine your cat as the head of a foreign country, the boxes themselves do focus on sustainability and eco-friendliness.

“The cardboard is made of recycled and biodegradable cardboard,” Poopy Cat founder, Thomas Vles tells Memeburn.

And, you know, “because cats love cardboard”.

“Understanding the feline mind however is like analyzing the universe, it’s infinitely intriguing as well as incomprehensive. Scientists — and enthusiasts like us — have been working on the cardboard mystery for over 50 years,” he concludes.

Andy Walker, former editor


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