Another Stellenbosch bullying video makes rounds on Facebook

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Just when you thought the bullying videos were over for the year, another incident stemming from Stellenbosch has social media up in arms again.

The new video, taking place once again at Stellenbosch’s Luckoff High, was initially uploaded to Facebook by the Crime Intelligence and Community Awareness (CICA) page. According to CICA, the incident took place this week at Luckoff, and was sent to them by a follower.

The video depicts a larger female pupil attacking a smaller female pupil. Although the video is just under 60 seconds long, a few punches are thrown before a male pupil steps in to break up the fight.

The Stellenbosch school’s latest bullying video is the second uploaded to Facebook in a week

The video was soon picked up by South African publishers, and uploaded to YouTube, where around six instances of the video are currently available. On Facebook however, the video already has over 6500 views.

Note: the below video depicts scenes of violence and strong language.

Facebook users on CICA’s page made their feelings known as well.

“These kids must have a lot of anger in them and taking it out on others,” one wrote in the comments section.

“Just think – these are a future leaders. Parents MUST be real proud!,” exclaims another.

“I pity the youth of today,” notes another. “This is so bad, that I feel physically sick. Have they no compassion, or kindness ? What if some-one was doing that to their sister.”

The school is still investigating the first incident that took place last week, with the pupil who launched the attack appearing in court this week.

This isn’t the first bullying incident to make the rounds on social media this year though. Two Lotus River teens and one from Groote Schuur High landed themselves in hot water in October, after a cuss-filled video was uploaded to Facebook.

Andy Walker, former editor


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