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James Corden proves Kanye West’s lyrics are perfect for a soap opera

While Kanye West remains a divisive character, there’s no denying his music has a certain degree of clout. When he’s not bragging about his cars and worldly possessions, his tracks are about love, and all that it brings.

In many ways, that makes them the perfect material for lines in a soap opera. That’s exactly what James Corden thought.

Bryan Cranston just about makes Kanye West famous in this video

The host of The Late Late Show assembled a cast of acting Avengers — namely Jessica Biel, Bryan Cranston and Giovanni Ribisi — to prove this point. Setting up Biel as a damsel in distress. Corden, Cranston and Ribisi fight for her love, channeling their inner Kanye (and sometimes Drake).

Lyrics from Gold Digger, Famous, Love Lockdown and others are seamlessly blended together to craft an engaging situational comedy.

Even if you don’t like Kanye, Cranston’s line delivery in this one is second to none.

Have a look at the clip below.

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