Netflix now supports microSD cards for downloads

It may have been a little delayed, but we were glad to see Netflix introduce download functionality late last year.

Following in the footsteps of rivals Amazon Prime Video and Showmax, the downloads feature allowed users to (surprise) store movies and TV episodes for offline viewing. And in a cool move, you could download as much content as your storage allowed.

The biggest downside though? Well, that would have to be the lack of support for microSD expansion, leaving you with internal storage only.

Netflix is slowly catching up to rivals when it comes to offline functionality, with microSD support being the latest feature

Fortunately, Netflix has quietly pushed out an update for Android devices, allowing users to save content to memory cards.

To set this up, tap the menu icon and then choose “app settings”. From here, you’ll need to choose “download location” under the “downloads” field and then choose either “internal storage” or “SD Card”. The app also tells you how much free space you have for each storage option.

Netflix microSD

It’s worth noting that movie and episodes you’ve downloaded to internal storage before the update will indeed stay on the internal storage.

Of course, not all Android phones support microSD cards, with the Galaxy S6 being one of the more high-profile devices to lack microSD expansion.

Nevertheless, it’s a welcome feature and only serves as further evidence that expandable storage is worth having on your phone. Now, if only the streaming service brought this functionality to its desktop app…



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