This novel Russian app wants to be the Uber of the afterlife

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If you didn’t know how to market your startup in 2016, there’s an easy formula to use. Define your target market, and call your business the Uber of said market. It works, and often gets quoted hundreds of times by us journalists and investors. But an incoming Russian app might’ve taken this marketing quip a little too far.

Named Umer, this app aims to be the Uber of funerals.

According to a Russian website, Umer (which literally means “died”) will allow people to seamlessly and easily organise funeral arrangements on the fly — all from the comfort of an app. To call Umer niche would be an obvious statement, but the service is valiantly trying to solve a problem here.

The Uber of funerals, Umer, wants to solve a novel yet incredibly morbid problem

The app lets users choose various elements for the funeral process — from style of burial, to transport, to cemetery — with a variety of fields to fill in. According to the app’s official website, users can then submit the information, and Umer will contact you within “five minutes” with pricing and details.

We will not help you survive the loss, but will tell what documents to gather and offer a good choice of burial or cremation,” the app’s official website reads.

The service will launch in Russia in two months’ time.

H/T: The Next Web

Andy Walker, former editor


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