Snapchat’s interface becomes human-friendly with universal search bar

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There are a few reasons why Snapchat is an absolute painful experience for many. For one, the app’s actual user interaction elements like buttons and gestures are vague and confusing. And it doesn’t end there. It’s also extremely difficult to find content within the app itself.

But this could be about to change.

According to a TechCrunch report, Snapchat has unveiled a new universal search bar,that spans the top of each and every page on the app. This means that users — even if they aren’t too sure where they are within the app — can search for friends, specific Stories or new Discover channels.

Not known for its user-friendliness, Snapchat has added a universal search bar to the app to simplify its experience

Simply tapping the search bar also opens a screen that hosts “Quick Chat”, “Groups” and “New Friends” sup-panels. Typing in the search bar will also subsequently filter those results.

It sounds like a feature that Snapchat should’ve had from the get go, but also seems that it could be pioneered by the company’s recent acquisition mobile search startup Vurb.

While something as rudimentary as search might not seem like a huge leap for Snapchat, it could be one of the most important UI decisions made by Evan Spiegel’s team. Especially considering Instagram Stories’ newfound vigour.

The feature doesn’t seem to be available in South Africa as yet, but is rolling out to Android and iOS users from today in the States.

Feature image: Maurizio Pesce via Flickr

Andy Walker, former editor


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