Trump Hotels slammed on Twitter in wake of #MuslimBan

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If you happen to use Twitter on a daily basis, there’s one thing you should always remember: the moment you hit send, that tweet is on the internet for all to see. Yes, even aliens. That’s what Trump Hotels’ Twitter staff found out this weekend.

In the wake of the #MuslimBan outlined by President Trump this weekend, Twitter users have found a Trump Hotels tweet from October 2011 that is now a focus of their outcry.

And it’s eerily relevant.

“Tell us your favorite travel memory – was it a picture, a souvenir, a sunset? We’d love to hear it!”, the tweet reads.

As Twitter usually does, it obliged, but not in the way Trump Hotels probably intended.

Trump Hotels’ faces Twitter wrath

Users flooded the social network posting messages of disgust at the #MuslimBan, nostalgia of their own or loved ones’ struggles to enter America, and some extreme home truths to the American government.

Although Twitter is one of many digital protest grounds against the #MuslimBan, American airports have also been the site of protests this weekend.

Protests on the ground

Uber has also come under fire for its actions during New York’s JFK International Airport taxi strike, with many calling for users to #DeleteUber. This, again, caused by an awkwardly worded and timed tweet.

Angelenos have also flooded LAX in defiance of the travel ban.

Protests against the ban continue across the world.

Feature image: Supermac1961 via Flickr (CC 2.0, resized)

Andy Walker, former editor


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