How much free food can you get on your birthday?

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There are a number of restaurant chains worldwide that offer those celebrating their birthdays free food. And that’s just great. And awful. Because you only get one birthday per year, you probably can’t make it to every single restaurant.

Or can you?

One incredibly inspirational Imgurian AnotherAnotherJosh decided to test this theory. Heading out early on his birthday to embark on his “free birthday food odyssey”, Josh hit 11 restaurants, getting free celebratory grub from each of them.

Imgur’s Josh hit 11 restaurants to collect his free birthday food at each establishment

While some only gave him tiny ice cream cones, and others large family-sized pizzas, Josh didn’t take no for an answer. Especially at Starbucks.

As for all the food, he didn’t exactly scoff it down alone.

“I shared it with my family, but I was definitely full at the end of the day,” he reveals in a comment.

Nevertheless, have a look at Josh’s journey below, and remember, you too can spend your birthday being this awesome.

My Free Birthday Food Odyssey

Feature image: AnotherAnotherJosh via Imgur



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