UberEATS Cape Town: 4 things you should know

UberEATS Cape Town

UberEATS launched in Cape Town on Thursday, bringing another food delivery service to the city. The service hopes to service a “foodie” niche by teaming up with trendy eateries and restaurants to offer food delivery.

At R20 for delivery (there’s no minimum spend either, the firm claims), it seems rather reasonably priced, but what else should you know about the service? Here are a few things to keep in mind.

Supported areas

The service is currently available in the CBD, Atlantic Seaboard, Woodstock and Observatory, but UberEATS’s David Kitley says that they are looking to expand.

In fact, Kitley told Memeburn that the Southern Suburbs was one of the areas they were targeting for expansion.

Operating hours

Want snacks after a drunken night out? Well, McDonald’s via Uber will have to do for now, as UberEATS operates from 10am until 10pm.

In saying so, Kitley said they were looking to expand hours in the future.

Find restaurants from the desktop

Sure, you can use the UberEATS app to find suitable restaurants in your area, but the UberEATS website does the job as well.

Simply visit the website, enter your location in the field below “enter your address” and hit the “find food” button to get on with it.

Interestingly enough, UberEATS claims that it only shows you restaurants/eateries within 3.5 kilometres of your location. But there are loads of eateries listed anyway, so the distance restriction isn’t really felt at all.

Expected delivery times

UberEATS is targeting delivery times of 35 to 45 minutes, no doubt helped by the decentralised approach and leveraging of existing Uber drivers.

The company said that their first day saw times as low as 20 minutes and as high as 45 minutes.



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