9 animal livestreams too adorable not to bookmark

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We’ve all had those days. You wake up late, your toast is burnt, your boss is angry and two hours into the work day your anxiety is through the roof. Luckily for humankind, scientists have discovered a bad day antidote.

No longer does a bad morning mean a bad afternoon. There exists on the internet multiple live streams of any kind of animal you fancy living its daily life and you can watch them

whenever you want. Two minutes watching one of these, and your day is turned around.

Here are my favourites.

Keeping up with the Kattarshians

These kittens live in a beautiful mini-house designed just for them.

They’re Icelandic, so they’re awake around the same hours as South Africa, and they love to play and cuddle and sleep. The set-up makes you feel like you’re watching Big Brother: Kittens and it’s a majorly improved show if you ask me.

Animal Planet’s Kitten Cam

Animal Planet will be showing up a bit on this list, because not only do they offer a multitude of live streams, they air highlight reels for when they’re not on air.

This makes it easy for any cat lover to watch no matter their timezone. The cats are all rescues too, which ups the heartwarming ante. Bigger bang for your buck with that one.

Russian husky pups


These little guys cuddle so often that it breaks and reforms my heart in an endless cycle.

They’re not rescues, but what you lose in that regard you gain in the ridiculous amount of times they fall over one another to play or sleep. I would risk my life for them.

Explore.org’s Great Danes

Explore have a ton of animal cams available for your viewing pleasure, but my favourite is the group of puppies who are training to become service dogs.

You don’t get cuter than that.

Animal Planet’s Puppy Cam

These pups and their mom are from the same shelter as the kittens above, and they’re ridiculously cute.

Oftentimes puppy cams are of purebred dogs, but these guys are just a loving family of rescue dogs and if that doesn’t make you tear up just thinking about it, you and I are not on the same page emotionally.



Goats don’t do much but stand around, but I’d be damned if it isn’t hysterical.

This cam is certainly not going to give you that warm glowy feeling that the little balls of fluff mentioned above will, but if you’re looking for a quick laugh at some ridiculous goats, then this cam has got you covered.


Africam have a few cameras set up at different watering holes and rivers in South Africa. Obviously there aren’t always animals there, but when they are, they’re spectacular.

Keep in mind that wild animals don’t tend to visit watering holes around midday — it’s too hot and they prefer to stay in the shade. Check in at cooler times of day, and you may catch impala, elephants or even a cheetah.

You could even just enjoy the serenity of the South African landscape.

Cornell Feeders

Based at Cornell University, this camera is situated on a bird feeder their Lab of Ornithology set up.

Watch these mischievous birds enjoy their food, free from the anxiety of the current global political climate.

Explore.org’s underwater penguins

Penguins are one of the universe’s greatest gifts, and nothing is more fun than watching these ridiculous birds swim.

By bookmarking these streams, you rid yourself of bad days. Your productivity will increase. Your crops will flourish. All in the name of cute.



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