Facebook’s ad tracking system now updates in milliseconds

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Facebook announced Friday that it would be providing marketers with in-depth analysis on the ads they pay for. Over the course of the year, the company intends to detail to buyers the milliseconds an ad is on screen — that is the milliseconds 50% of an ad was on screen, and the milliseconds 100% of an ad was on screen.

The company also intends to offer buyers more choice in how they pay for ads.

The three new options are completed-view buying, two-second buying and sound-on buying. Completed-view will allow advertisers to pay for video ads that have been viewed in their entirety. Those who buy in for the two-second option will pay up when at least 50% of an ad is shown for two seconds or longer. Sound-on buying will give advertisers the ability to purchase sound-on video ads.

This interest in detail comes after Facebook has had to deal with mistrusting advertisers.

Facebook’s new ad tracking system is more sensitive, and should allow marketers with more in-depth information for analysis

In September last year, The Wall Street Journal reported that the company had grossly overestimated how long consumers were watching ads. An estimation had it inflating the viewing time for ads between 60 to 80%.

After this development, advertisers have been pushing for Facebook to include third-party supervision in the way they handle ads. They blamed Facebook for “grading its own homework.”

Though advertisers may still mistrust it after two years of being mislead, Facebook’s ad company is still one of the best. The only other company with as much power is Google — and it self-governs its ads too.

With this latest update, Facebook hopes to make peace with advertisers, and salvage the reputation of its video platform for which it intends to create original content in the near future.



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