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Netflix is no stranger to going against the grain. They take stories that other studios wouldn’t touch with a ten-foot pole and turn them into cult phenomena. But could they take that autonomy a step too far?

Yesterday, Netflix released multiple teasers and date announcements on its YouTube channel — sparking outrage by some on Twitter. The teaser for Dear White People stars a young college student detailing what is acceptable costuming for white people on Halloween, removing herself (and blackness) from the list.

Right-wing Americans took to Twitter to express their anger, and called for all to cancel their Netflix subscriptions. Some believe that the spin-off of Justin Simien’s film of the same name “promotes white genocide“.

The announcement is just another topic over which the left and right can battle it out on Twitter. Watch the show on 28 April to decide the politics for yourself.

As if Netflix didn’t ruffle enough feathers with Dear White People, they decided to release the trailer for Casting JonBenet two hours later.

Directed by Kitty Green, the documentary examines the lives of those affected by the murder of six-year-old JonBenet Ramsey in 1996.

Netflix has published trailers for two controversial movies, sparking some social media outrage

After the massive success of Making a Murderer in 2015 and the release of last year’s Amanda Knox, Netflix seems to be sticking to the true crime genre. As it goes with any story about real life crimes, however, come an onslaught of ethical dilemmas. This rings especially true when it comes to crimes involving children.

The creepy trailer has young blonde girls dressed as JonBenet sit in a line, waiting to ‘audition’. With no music or any other sound accompanying the girls’ auditions, it’s difficult not to feel like you’re not meant to be watching.

According to Netflix, the documentary is a “sly and stylised exploration of the world’s most sensationalised child-murder case”.

Comments on the video range from whodunnit theories to “well, that’s creepy” to noting its “poor taste”.

Casting JonBenet will be on Netflix on 28 April, as well.

Mark the date in your calendar as the day to check Twitter hourly.



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